Health Food Store Victoria


FUEL is a natural health food store packed with supplements. When you’re trying to sculpt your body, or perform at a high level in your sport, sports nutrition supplements can help you...

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vitamins and minerals


Multivitamins and minerals are a valuable tool in helping to prevent dietary imbalances, and ensure adequate intake of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

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natural foods


At Fuel SVN Victoria, we’re not just about sports supplements. We also carry healthy whole foods such as grass fed Bison, coconut oil, kale chips & savi seeds.

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Fuel Victoria


  • MST Logo

    FUEL up Victoria for Mudd, Sweat & Tears

      Look for Fuel Vic­to­ria at the Van­cou­ver Island MST event, August 17th, at Mount Wash­ing­ton Alpine Resort. We will be hand­ing out sam­ples and giv­ing out one “swag bag” to every par­tic­i­pant. Mudd, Sweat & Tears is a 5k & 10k obsta­cle course mud run event with …

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  • delicious protein


    Pro­teins are a part of every sin­gle cell, tis­sue, and organ in our bod­ies and are con­stantly being bro­ken down and there­fore need to be replaced, daily. The pro­tein in the foods that we con­sume, is digested into amino acids that are used to replace …

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  • istock_greens

    Greens, Cleansing, Detox

    Greens Greens sup­ple­ments are fruits, veg­eta­bles, algaes and/or grasses that have been processed into pow­dered form. Greens prod­ucts con­tain a vari­ety of nutri­ent rich foods like bar­ley grass, wheat grass, spir­ulina, chlorella, alfalfa, herbs, veg­eta­bles, legumes, and fruits. Greens sup­ple­ments that can pro­vide a convenient …

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  • dried fruit

    Level Ground Trading Dried Fruit, Ideal Post-Workout Nutrition

    Have you ever heard the say­ing “fit­ness starts in the kitchen”? We couldn’t agree more. Post-workout nutri­tion is just as impor­tant as the work­out itself. After phys­i­cal activ­ity your body goes into repair mode. The foods you eat after chal­leng­ing your mus­cles will aid in their mending …

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  • Weightloss Istock

    Body Form

    Just in time for sum­mer! We’re lov­ing this prod­uct. Tasty? Yes! Fat burn­ing? You betcha! Body Form™ – the fat burner you drink, con­tains a three stage blend designed to increase ther­mo­ge­n­e­sis, sup­port healthy, nor­mal appetite lev­els, as well as pro­mote men­tal focus and mood*. The …

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  • Athlete Running

    PVL ISO Gold

    Never has a more supe­rior whey pro­tein iso­late for­mula been devel­oped than Iso-Gold by PVL. The Iso-Gold for­mula com­bines six sci­en­tific tech­nolo­gies mak­ing it supe­rior to other reg­u­lar whey iso­late pro­teins for build­ing mus­cle and improv­ing ath­letic per­for­mance. Iso-Gold fea­tures two of the world’s strongest …

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  • IStock Muscle2

    GAT Nitraflex

    The Most Potent Pre-Workout In the World This is one of our newest pre-workout sup­ple­ments, and one of the hottest right now. In fact, we can barely keep enough in stock to sup­ply the demand. Why is it so pop­u­lar? This new breed of con­cen­trate is …

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  • Creatine

    How to Get the Most Out of Creatine Monohydrate

    Cre­a­tine Mono­hy­drate, the grand­daddy of all sports sup­ple­ments,  has over 20 years of stud­ies behind it, prov­ing it’s effec­tive­ness not only as a mus­cle build­ing sports sup­ple­ment, but it has also been shown to enhance neu­ro­mus­cu­lar func­tion in a num­ber of dis­eases. You may have …

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