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FUEL is a natural health food store packed with supplements. When you’re trying to sculpt your body, or perform at a high level in your sport, sports nutrition supplements can help you...

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Multivitamins and minerals are a valuable tool in helping to prevent dietary imbalances, and ensure adequate intake of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

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At Fuel SVN Victoria, we’re not just about sports supplements. We also carry healthy whole foods such as grass fed Bison, coconut oil, kale chips & savi seeds.

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Fuel Victoria

Body Form

Just in time for sum­mer! We’re lov­ing this prod­uct. Tasty? Yes! Fat burn­ing? You betcha!

Body Form™ – the fat burner you drink, con­tains a three stage blend designed to increase ther­mo­ge­n­e­sis, sup­port healthy, nor­mal appetite lev­els, as well as pro­mote men­tal focus and mood*.

The first stage of Body­Form™ is ther­mo­ge­n­e­sis. By turn­ing up the heat in your body, more stored body­fat may be burned as fuel.* BodyForm’s ther­mo­genic blend (Green Tea, Synephrine, Guarana, Octopamine) works syn­er­gis­ti­cally to not only increase ther­mo­ge­n­e­sis, but also pro­vide antiox­i­dant and metab­o­lism support.*

Whether it’s energy for the gym or to help power through your day, Body­Form™ pro­vides the sup­port you’re look­ing for.* BodyForm™’s blend of Tau­rine, Tyro­sine, Caf­feine, and Acetyl-L-Carnitine, will help sup­port men­tal focus to keep you going until the job is done.* The sus­tained release of this blend may decrease the chance of crash or jit­ters, unlike most fat burners!*

The last area Body­Form™ cov­ers is pro­mot­ing a healthy, nor­mal appetite level.* Body­Form con­tains NUTRIOSE® a high sol­u­ble fiber, with an out­stand­ing diges­tive tol­er­ance.* Along with pro­vid­ing a ben­e­fi­cial sup­port for diges­tive health, fiber may also keep you feel­ing fuller longer.* This may help you fight the urge to overeat, which can wreck the hard work you put into your physique.* At 30% of your daily intake you can have the peace of mind that Body­Form™ is doing its part to sup­port your efforts in reach­ing your goals. The B vit­a­mins in Body­Form™ also sup­port healthy diges­tion and pro­mote energy lev­els.* You’ll find as much B vit­a­mins as in some energy shots, but with way more ben­e­fi­cial ingre­di­ents and bet­ter tast­ing flavors.

Burn­ing fat never tasted so good.

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