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FUEL is a natural health food store packed with supplements. When you’re trying to sculpt your body, or perform at a high level in your sport, sports nutrition supplements can help you...

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Multivitamins and minerals are a valuable tool in helping to prevent dietary imbalances, and ensure adequate intake of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

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At Fuel SVN Victoria, we’re not just about sports supplements. We also carry healthy whole foods such as grass fed Bison, coconut oil, kale chips & savi seeds.

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How to Get the Most Out of Creatine Monohydrate

Cre­a­tine Mono­hy­drate, the grand­daddy of all sports sup­ple­ments,  has over 20 years of stud­ies behind it, prov­ing it’s effec­tive­ness not only as a mus­cle build­ing sports sup­ple­ment, but it has also been shown to enhance neu­ro­mus­cu­lar func­tion in a num­ber of diseases.

You may have heard that cre­a­tine mono­hy­drate is an infe­rior form of cre­a­tine and that causes water reten­tion & bloat­ing – maybe you’ve even expe­ri­enced these side effects?

In the video below, Will Brink explains why some peo­ple expe­ri­ence side effects, and/or fail to see results with cre­a­tine mono­hy­drate, and how you can rem­edy that.

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