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At Fuel SVN Victoria, we’re not just about sports supplements. We also carry healthy whole foods such as grass fed Bison, coconut oil, kale chips & savi seeds.

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Level Ground Trading Dried Fruit, Ideal Post-Workout Nutrition

Level Ground Trading Fruit

Have you ever heard the say­ing “fit­ness starts in the kitchen”? We couldn’t agree more. Post-workout nutri­tion is just as impor­tant as the work­out itself.

After phys­i­cal activ­ity your body goes into repair mode. The foods you
eat after chal­leng­ing your mus­cles will aid in their mend­ing and
build­ing. While calo­rie intake shortly after a work­out is essen­tial, the
type of foods you choose is impor­tant in ensur­ing your body gets the
FUEL it needs, to reap the ben­e­fits of your hard work. Reach for some­thing
that will replen­ish lost glyco­gen stores (car­bo­hy­drates) and repair your
mus­cles (pro­tein). The key is to stick to sim­ple carbs (like those found
in fruit) allow­ing for an easy diges­tion process.

Dried fruit is a con­ve­nient source of post work­out nutri­tion. Research
has shown that com­pared to fresh fruits, dried fruits have greater fiber
con­tent, nutri­ent den­sity and phe­nol antiox­i­dants.1

Look for dried fruit with no added sug­ars, sweet­en­ers or sul­phites. Level Ground
Trading’s dried fruit is organic, direct fair trade and free of any
addi­tives: it’s just fruit! In it’s reseal­able pack­age, it’s com­pact, easy to
pack and mess-free.

Now you can find Level Ground’s dried Mango, Pineap­ple, Trop­i­cal and
Golden Berry at FUEL. Reward your efforts and try this healthy, direct,
deli­cious snack after your next workout.

1Journal of the Amer­i­can Col­lege of Nutri­tion

  1. kasia

    I keep buy­ing your Golden berry dried fruit! Love it!!

    • admin

      Awe­some! I’m par­tial to the Mango myself. =)

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