5 Reasons Why Fitness Athletes Still Rely On Protein Bars in 2020

Protein bars have a long and varied history that began in the 1960s continues to evolve today. Originally, protein bars were developed to accommodate astronauts living and eating in compact, zero-gravity spaces. Today, however, these nutrient-dense and convenient snacks have become a crucial part of many fitness athlete’s nutrition plans.

Since becoming a mainstream health option, top athletes in every sport have come to rely on protein bars to advance and maintain physical training efforts. And, with the right protein bar, muscle building, endurance training, and other health goals can be safely attained. This is likely one reason why the modern-day protein supplement industry generates billions of dollars each year.

When fueling your body to perform, protein bars are still an excellent option for bodybuilders, professional athletes, and health-conscious individuals in 2020. Here are five reasons why.

Workout Fuel

Protein Bars are Tailored to Energy Needs

Before expending a ton of energy to burn calories and build muscle, the body needs the right fuel. And, the type of fuel required is dependent on the goal of the workout. Whether the goal is to increase reps, lift heavier weights, or run faster on the treadmill, pre-workout nutrition can be tailored to enhance those goals.

This means fuelling up before intense physical activity is essential. And, protein bars are a convenient way to get the quality macro and micronutrients needed for a successful workout. To build muscle, select a protein bar with creatine and nitric oxide. For intense aerobic activity, pick a pre-workout snack with energy boosters, like caffeine or green tea extract.

Curb Appetite

Reduce Cravings with Protein Bars

Cutting back on calories can be an uncomfortable adjustment when trying to lose weight for health or bodybuilding training reasons. While adapting to a new caloric intake level, appetite suppressing supplements can be a helpful resource for reducing feelings of hunger.

Protein bars are a great option to cut back on calories without sacrificing proper nutrition. When packed with the right amount of protein, carbohydrates, and healthy fats, a quality protein bar can keep nagging hunger pangs at bay when trying to lose weight. However, when cutting weight and burning fat is the goal, be sure to avoid sugar-spiked, chocolate covered protein bars.

Support Muscle Repair

Reduce Post-Workout Recovery Time

After pushing muscles to their limit, muscles need time to repair. And, effective muscle repair requires the body to have a healthy amount of muscle-building nutrients and vitamins readily available. When selecting a protein bar to snack on post-workout, make sure it contains the following ingredients:

  • Vitamin C
  • Leucine
  • Collagen
  • Glutathione
  • Creatine

Supporting your muscles after an intense muscle-shredding session with a convenient and healthy protein bar will help build more muscle and reduce recovery time.

Enhance Endurance 

Go Farther with a Mid-Workout Protein Bar

Endurance training gives the body the ability to work harder over longer periods. It is beneficial to all types of physical activities, not just long-distance running, cycling, or backcountry hiking. When increasing endurance and stamina, a mid-workout supplement is a useful tool to keep moving and burning calories.

Protein bars are ideal for a mid-workout nutrition and energy boost because of how convenient and easily accessible they are. They allow athletes to quickly fuel up and keep going without stopping. Compact, tidy, and easily transportable, protein bars are perfect for a time saving mid-workout boost.

Works with All Lifestyles

Convenient and Easily Portable

Protein bars easily navigate through different lifestyles beautifully. Pocket-sized and packed with good nutrition, they are easy to have on hand while on the go. They can be kept in the bottom of a gym bag or the console of a car for weeks at a time because individually wrapped protein bars have a lengthy shelf life.

Available Online & In Store

Ordering protein bars online from a reputable supplier in 2020 is easier than ever. At Fuel Victoria, our Vancouver Island customers have several options to choose from when purchasing their favourite protein bars. We have three storefront locations to choose from as well as an online shop. For more information on which protein bar is right for you and your unique training goals, contact the experts at Fuel Victoria.