Proline Hydroprime Glycerol Powder

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Glycerol is a 3-carbon molecule that is
classified as an alcohol and is produced
naturally by the human body as a result of
normal metabolism.[1] Glycerol can also
be obtained through the diet as a general
recognized as safe (GRAS) food additive. NNB
developed HydroPrime™, a breakthrough form
of glycerol at the highest concentration on
the market, designed to effectively overcome
the clumping and stability issues of previous
glycerol formulations.

How does HydroPrime® Work?
Glycerol is rapidly absorbed and distributed intra-cellularly,
especially in the muscle and vascular tissue. Glycerol increases
osmotic drive and total volume of water in the body. When
consumed with fluid (e.g. water), fluid retention is enhanced
across the body, yielding cellular expansion.
The results of this cellular expansion are greater pumps and
hyper-hydration, leading to endurance and performance
enhancement. Glycerol has rapidly become one of the bestkept secrets with high-performing athletes and bodybuilders.