How to Set Realistic Goals For Long Term Bulking Success

Does your bodybuilding training strategy allow you to achieve long term bulking success? If not, you may be putting your body at risk for injury and gaining less than favourable results. If your training plan isn’t the right one for you, you’re not alone. In the bodybuilding community, training strategies being misaligned with an athlete’s long term goals is common. 

After all, it’s easy to fall in love with a training routine that delivers quick results. Who doesn’t want to see insane gains every week, not just when prepping for a competition? However, these types of tactics are intense and very demanding on the body. And, they aren’t intended to be used for the long-term.

When developing a long-term bodybuilding training program, it’s key to ensure you find an effective, efficient, and sustainable regime. In this article, we’re going to share key factors to incorporate into your training program that is ideal for long-term safety and success.

Convenience Enables Sustainable Training Sessions

When not in pre-competition training mode, bodybuilders should look to alter their goals and training strategy to allow for steady, continuous results and long term sustainability. A well-developed, long-term training regime can be safely used over several months — or, a full year — and will consistently drive your body composition goals forward. 

You can tell your training program is sustainable when it can maneuver easily throughout your life. The more a regime seamlessly blends with the other aspects of your life, such as work demands and family life, the easier it will be for you to stick with it.

When developing a training program that is compatible with your lifestyle, consider the following questions:

  • Is the program flexible? Can it handle schedule adjustments that can unexpectedly creep up, such as unexpected work and family demands? Do you have alternative at-home options in case of gym closures or altering work hours?
  • Is it convenient? Is your gym conveniently located to you or, will its distance deter you from remaining consistent with your training efforts?
  • Is it simple? Is your nutrition regime easy to follow while providing your body with the essential nutrients and minerals you need?

Use Nutrition for Effective Muscle Growth

Always rely on proper nutrition to enhance your bodybuilding training session’s effectiveness, especially when working towards long-term results. Develop lean muscle mass slowly with healthy eating habits and by adding quality bodybuilding supplements. Combining a holistic approach to food with top industry supplements will provide your body with the right amount of protein, minerals, and pre-workout support for achieving consistent and effective gains.

When supplementing your diet for extended periods, watch for signs that side effects may be occurring. If you notice unpleasant side effects from long-term supplement consumption, be sure to review exactly what supplements you’re taking. Then, consult with your local supplement experts for alternative options.

Efficient Training Requires Rest

Allow your body to rest and recover properly between training sessions to prevent injury and improve your training efforts. Rest is vital after every gym session because it’s actually during the rest period when the body transforms heavy lifting efforts into lean muscle.

Resting the right amount of time between sessions and getting the recommended amount of sleep every day will enable your body to build more muscle tissue — and do it faster — than if you avoid making quality rest a priority. When we avoid resting between gym sessions and don’t get enough sleep, we end up stressing out the body and actually slow down the muscle-building process.

Replacing nutrients and minerals that often become depleted during physical activity should also be part of an athlete’s recovery strategy. Many nutritional supplements for recovery exist that can be relied on to restore lost electrolytes, minerals, vitamins, and aid efficient muscle formation.

Long-Term Bodybuilding Training Goals: Maximize Results and Minimize Injury

To get the most proverbial “bang for your buck” from a bodybuilding strategy that works as hard — and for as long as you do — be sure to use one that fits your life and training goals. Keep training sessions convenient, choose a healthy diet, and allow for adequate rest for results that are practically guaranteed to maximize your bodybuilding training efforts for life.