Bodylogix Natural Pre Workout Green Apple 258g


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Power up your performance with Bodylogix® Natural Pre-Workout. Made with clinically studied ingredients, it delivers an unrivalled formula to maximize peak power output and improve training capacity. Natural Pre-workout helps metabolize proteins, carbohydrates and fat for superior athletic support. Improve motor coordination, mental focus and temporarily relieve fatigue with 150 mg of caffeine. Increase phosphocreatine, a form of stored energy for improved strength and power performance when combined with repetitive, explosive movements or resistance training. Beta-alanine acts as a precursor of carnosine, a source of amino acids involved in muscle protein synthesis and arginine is a precursor to nitric oxide. When it comes to fuelling your body, we believe you get out what you put in. Natural Pre-workout is made without artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners, and is third-party tested and certified by NSF to ensure purity, potency and label claims. Lock and load explosive energy to ignite peak performance.

  • Contains 1500 mg beta-alanine, 1000 mg creatine, 666 mg L-Arginine, 1000 mg Taurine, 250 mg Vitamin C, 150 mg Caffeine, 82 mg L-Tyrosine, 30 mg Niacinamide, 7.5 mg Vitamin B6, 250 mcg Folic acid, 35 mcg Vitamin B12
  • Suitable for gluten free diets and peanut allergies
  • No sugar, fat, or artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners
  • NSF Contents Tested & Certified, IGEN Non-GMO Tested†
  • Promotes endurance during brief, highly intense physical activity, temporarily relieves fatigue, improves mental focus, and provides explosive energy, and increases strength and power
  • Available flavours: Pink Lemonade†, Iced Tea, Green Apple


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