Cannada High Ground Immune



  • Boost your immune system and prevent illness
  • Works through the body’s endocannabinoid system to support the immune system
  • Ideal for cold & flu season
  • Anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties
  • Suitable for adults and kids
  • Suitable for acute use and for prevention
  • Physician formulated terpene blend
  • Therapeutic grade, ultra potency
  • Ingredients: 100% natural terpenes isolated from essentail oils (botanical sources)

High Ground™ Immune Blend is appropriately known as “the immune blend that starts working within minutes!” It was Cannanda’s most anticipated terpene blend in 2017 and has since become a favourite in medicine cabinets across North America. Why? Because it works like no other immune product you’ve ever experienced, with countless reports (even during peak flu season) that it actually helped people avoid getting sick. In any battle, when you occupy the “high ground” you’ve got an advantage that’s hard to beat.

This blend is suitable for anyone over the age of 3 years old, and best used at the first signs of feeling “off.” Follow the directions below, and you’ll be amazed at how many fewer times you get sick in a year. Don’t wait until you’re sick to use this–the earlier yo use it when starting to feel sick, the better the results. Get it now and have it on hand, ready for action.

Essential oils contain many terpenes, many of which offer little to no benefit in achieving a therapeutic outcome–the concentration of the “active” terpenes can be comparatively quite low. Also, consistency from batch to batch can vary due to species used, how much sun or rain the crops get, effects of pests, etc. (just to name a few factors). At Cannanda, we’ve leveled-up our aromatherapy game to bring you pure isolated terpenes blended in a precise formulation where 100% of the terpenes are contributing to the benefits you’re looking for. Think of our terpene blends as concentrated essential oils. This is truly advanced aromatherapy


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