Ceuticore P.E.S., Funky Peach Mango (50 Serve)


Funky Peach Mango P.E.S. by Ceuticore is a hard hitting, fast acting, euphoria enhancing pre-workout – increase your pre-training experience like never before.



  • Skin Splitting Muscle Pumps and Fullness
  • Laser Like Focus and Tunnel Vision
  • Maximum Energy and Endurance

P.E.S. by Ceuticore Nutrition is a hard hitting, fast acting, euphoric enhancing not so concentrated pre-workout designed to increase your pre-training experience like never before.  Hitting you literally in a matter of minutes, P.E.S.’s arsenal of heavy dosed ingredients deliver mind altering energy and focus, heightened mood, dialed in intensity and some of the strongest muscle pumps ever experienced by a high stimulant pre workout all with zero tingles and zero crash.  Best of all, like all Ceuticore Nutrition products, P.E.S. formula is 100% transparent so you know you are not getting a proprietary blend of fairy dusted ingredients and caffeine but instead the exact dose of each hard hitting ingredient used to make this plateau shattering preworkout the beast that it is.

P.E.S. delivers a massive 5 grams of 100% pure L-Citrulline which can help to dramatically enhance muscular performance, endurance and recovery; not to mention bigger muscle pumps, size and fullness. L-Citrulline has also been shown to aid in accelerating ammonia clearance in the body in turn delaying muscle pH build up and fatigue that can occur during high-intensity training allowing you train harder and longer.  We have also included a potent 1 gram dose of both Agmatine Sulfate and L-Taurine to further enhance blood flow and muscle pumps as well as muscle hydration and cell volumization.  Lastly, we have included 500mg of our trademark ingredient e-VASC3™ which is a precise combination of specific extracts of Pine Bark, Grape Seed and Green Tea Leaf to increase blood flow, dilate blood vessels and dramatically enhance blood and oxygen delivery to working muscles.  The pump experienced with P.E.S. is nothing short of amazing and can feel skin splitting at times.

P.E.S. is one of the very first products on the market to contain the extremely potent and fast acting ingredient Dynamine!  From the genius minds who brought us the amazing ingredient Teacrine, Dynamine is one of the strongest and most effective stimulants on the market today hitting you hard and hitting you fast delivering an unrivaled surge of fast acting, high impact energy, focus and mood with a get shit done attitude you won’t soon forget.

This is further enhanced through our innovative combination of powerful energy boosters, potent nootropics and cognitive supporters and focus driven and mood lifting ingredients delivering a truly one of a kind experience.

Try P.E.S. for yourself and experience the best energy igniting, sensory heightening, blood engorging product on the market today.

P.S: DO NOT jump into a full dose of P.E.S.!  Be sure to assess your tolerance and start with half of a serving if this is your first time taking P.E.S. or a high stimulant pre workout.  This is not your normal pre workout or to be confused with other products on the market where you need three or four scoops to feel it kick in, 1 scoop of P.E.S. is extremely potent.


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