Drip Fit Lemon Drop



We start at the cellular level by giving the minerals and nutrients to our cells that they need to thrive. Our active ingredient is responsible for over 300 bio mechanical reactions in the body. Our formula is packed with the most bio available form of Magnesium which enables maximum absorption. Magnesium is essential for fat and glucose breakdown, production of enzymes, proteins and antioxidant activity. These processes help to balance and restore the body, which are the keys to optimal performance and health.

Get that extra rep in, and improve your performance. Our active ingredients helps bring nutrients and minerals to the muscles for optimal performance and nervous system functioning. Topically our formula can aid in increased blood flow and circulation to the muscles. Magnesium helps free up testosterone so it can be used more freely by the body, as well as allows for metabolism of cortisol, which is a hormone that can prevent you from getting that extra rep or pushing that extra kilometre!

Not only does Dripfit help intensify blood flow to the muscles and improve your bodies circulation and pump, it helps replenish energy stores in the muscle, leading to faster recovery . It decreases lactic acid production and boosts energy during physical activity. Get warmer, work longer, faster and harder.

Our pharmaceutical grade ingredients effectively pull out excess water to the skins surface. Application especially before and while exercising will enhance localized sweating, leading to a pronounced reduction in size. Great to use before a big photo shoot, social event, and fitness competition to give you that tight, toned look.

While increasing your sweating, DripFit will pull out impurities from your body allowing you to achieve better overall health and rid your body of harmful toxins.

DripFit is packed with natural emollients that have a ‘plumping’ effect, giving the skin the appearance of reduced lines and wrinkles. Great for the body, and the face!

DripFit encourages collagen production and retention so when used on a consistent basis can help to tackle those under eye bags, black circles and other areas you are self conscious about!

Our second active ingredient also encourages eyelash and eyebrow growth so before throwing your DripFit in your gym bag – take a scoop out of the jar, put it in a container by your bathroom sink and lather up before bed time!

Use Drip Fit post workout, or on sore muscles as a highly effective all natural anti inflammatory. DripFit helps to prevent soreness by bringing them to their optimal resting state post-workout! Calcium is what binds the muscle and prevents them from relaxing – DripFit helps to rid this calcium buildup from your tired muscles enabling you to get back to your life, and workouts faster, by improving recovery and reducing the risk of injury from strenuous exercise.


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