Magnum PreFO Peach Candy 50 Serve



ENERGY WITHOUT THE JITTERS: As a person who takes diet and exercise seriously, you’re already familiar with the nervous jitters associated with pre-workout powder. In contrast, PRE FO pairs stimulants with l-theanine, which is a calming agent. With these ingredients together in one formula, you will have an intensified nootropic experience without the undesirable side effects.
INCREASES FAT-BURNING ABILITY: PRE FO stimulates the central nervous system without increasing your heart rate or raising your blood pressure the way that caffeine does. It activates your beta-3 receptors to help increase your energy and your ability to burn fat naturally. Use this pure formula to kickstart your weight loss journey!
STIMULATES BLOOD FLOW: Pine bark extract is one of the key ingredients in PRE FO. It has been scientifically proven to increase blood flow and oxygen transfer to the muscles so that you can pump harder at the gym and recover faster from intense workouts. PRE FO makes the best post-workout recovery drink for both men and women.
IMPROVES MOOD: Is there anything that helps you achieve your fitness goals more than feeling happy? Give yourself a mood boost with PRE FO. It contains acetyl l-carnitine, a neural repair nootropic that removes damaged fat cells from the brain and stimulates the production of dopamine. This nerve stimulator helps you feel good and keep pushing.
PHARMACEUTICAL-GRADE INGREDIENTS: Use PRE FO powder as part of your daily dietary supplements. It’s a great source of nootropics, amino acids, citrulline malate, and more for muscle stimulation, stamina, resistance, and recovery. This supplement is meant to be consumed in liquid form and is available in 5 great flavors: Blue Shark Candy, Candied Green Apple, Candy Keys, Strawberry Marshmallow and Candy Cola Bottles.


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