Mutant Caffeine (240 Cap)


Caffeine is the world’s most popular stimulant. It helps energize your workout, crushes hunger, improves mental focus and combats fatigue. MUTANT CAFFEINE delivers 200 mg of pharmaceutical-grade caffeine anhydrous per serving! Each bottle contains 200 + 40 free servings, all produced in our government-inspected manufacturing facility to ensure maximum potency. Every batch is rigorously tested for quality. Take MUTANT CAFFEINE before cardio to support fat metabolism or any time you need an energy kick to power through your day.



  • Sports performance improved by 20%
  • Sprinters improved by 6.5%
  • Weightlifters improved by 9.5%
  • Rate of fatigue decreased by 6%


  • PURE, STRAIGHTFORWARD CAFFEINE | You won’t find any proprietary blend in these capsules. This is as pure as it gets! Each tablet contains 200 mg of straightforward pharmaceutical grade caffeine.
  • STRENGTH AND POWER | Caffeine supplements have been shown to improve sports performance by up to 20%.
  • SPRINTERS IMPROVED PERFORMANCE | By taking a caffeine supplement sprinters improved their performance on average by 6.5%.
  • WEIGHTLIFTERS IMPROVED PERFORMANCE | By taking a caffeine supplement weightlifters improved their performance on average by 9.5%.
  • DECREASED FATIGUE| When taking a high-quality caffeine pills supplement you’ll find the rate of perceived exertion (fatigue) is decreased by 6% on average.




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