Mutant ISO Surge, Chocolate Cheesecake (1.6lb)


Mutant ISO SURGE Chocolate Cheesecake is a premium whey protein isolate (WPI) that delivers 25 grams of protein and less than 2 grams of sugar or carbs!

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You want a high-quality whey protein isolate that will deliver exactly what you need from a protein supplement: a high standard of nutritional quality and great tasting. You want the best to taste the best. Pure and simple. That’s why MUTANT is proud to deliver MUTANT ISO SURGE, our best tasting, purest whey protein isolate.

Smart protein choices don’t mean compromising on taste. For our protein, we decided to create our own custom, gourmet flavors, utilizing flavor technology from the world’s leading ice cream brands. We weren’t messing around in our quest for taste!! We have assembled here a truly amazing array of unbelievable flavors that will have you seriously addicted.

We’ve set the bar very high with MUTANT ISO SURGE. Premium quality ingredients, mixed with the custom gourmet flavors we’ve created. You want the best to taste the best…You got it. MUTANT NATION wouldn’t accept anything less.


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