Mutant Madness Blue Raspberry 50 serve


If you’re looking for the best pre-workout, you’ve found it! Specifically designed to provide a steady delivery of 20 researched ingredients, such as key amino acids to induce pumps, caffeine and caffeine extenders, B-vitamins and a multi-patented bioavailability enhancer. Available with Blue Raspberry flavor.

MUTANT MADNESS will fuel your battle against the iron. This maximum-strength formula will jolt your senses and help fight fatigue.



  • Energy/Performance/Focus
  • 20 Researched Ingredients
  • 400 mg Caffeine & Caffeine Extenders


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  • BATTLE FATIGUE | This dietary supplement is a caffeinated pre-workout for high-intensity exercise that helps prevent fatigue during your most extreme workouts.
  • GREAT TASTING | Your pre-workout should only be as hardcore as you are. That’s why we work hard to make all our products not only work like a boss but taste great too!
  • A MUTANT CREATION OF ARGININE, CITRULLINE, BETA-ALANINE & MORE | For your most extreme, highest intensity workouts we’ve combined arginine, citrulline, beta-alanine and more premium ingredients to give you the boost you need for your most hardcore workouts.
  • 500MG 5-CAFFEINE SOURCE BLEND | What does that mean exactly? That means this powder yields 335 mg of net caffeine to give you the ultimate boost you need before your most intense workout.
  • DRIVES IMPROVED RAZOR-SHARP FOCUS | When you’re focused on your workout you see better results! That’s why we made sure this product will drive improved focus and keep you razor-sharp.


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