North Coast Naturals Immuno-C (454g)


Vitamin C is the most well-known and researched water-soluble antioxidant in use today. We use 100 % pure ascorbic acid powder with no fillers, colours, flavours or sweeteners.



Powerful Antioxidant

Helps protect against the adverse effects of free radicals by maintaining healthy tissue antioxidant levels.

Supports Immunity

Antioxidant nutrients provide support for a healthy immune system.

Packed with High Potency Vitamin C

510 mg of vitamin C per serving (1/8 tsp). Provides 825 servings per bottle!


  • Pure Ascorbic Acid Powder
  • Zero fillers, colours, or sweeteners
  • Easy to use powder
  • Very cost effective


Vitamin C (ascorbic acid)


Mix 1 serving in 175-250 mL (~6-8 fl oz) of water or juice, 1-4 times a day.


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