Pharma Freak Greens Freak Vanilla Chai 30 serve


Greens Freak Vanilla Chai is a high potency powdered greens supplement combines nine different high potency, superfood blends including 38 unique ingredients.



  • COMPLETE SUPERFOODS GREEN FORMULA – is one of the most complete superfood greens formulas anywhere. And we’re not just saying that—every ingredient and complex found in Greens Freak has its own specific function to help support optimal health and performance.
  • THREE KEY GREEN SUPERFOODS: (1) alfalfa grass, super for immune system support, (2) barley grass, super for high amounts of vitamins and enzymes, and (3) wheatgrass, super for being a powerful detoxifying agent!
  • SUPPORTS BODY FUNCTION – When it comes to optimal body function, Greens Freak helps support the body’s daily micronutrient requirements – Contains barley grass and Hawaiian spirulina to give you high amounts of key vitamins and enzymes
  • DETOXIFYING INGREDIENTS – By supplying a wide array of green food nutrients, Green Freak helps detoxify the body of toxins
  • COMPLETE IMMUNE SUPPORT – Contains alfalfa grass to offer superior immune support – Contains blue-green algae Hawaiian spirulina – It’s been suggested that this superfood helps maintain a healthy immune system and body!


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