Pharma Freak Ripped Freak 60 caps


Ripped Freak is the world’s first and only hybrid fat burner. It’s called a hybrid fat burner because it’s essentially three fat loss formulas in one. Ripped freak’s hybrid formula addresses the three major rate-limiting fat loss mechanisms in the body. There’s no other fat burner on the market that addresses these three fat-burning pathways with one powerful formula as ripped freak does.


  • Supports Fat Loss
  • Increases Thermogenesis
  • One Capsule is all You Need!



RIPPED FREAK® packs the punch of 3 or 4 capsules in 1 hybrid capsule. Not that we’re boasting … more like flexing our muscles!



The naturally occurring methyl gallate ester found in the RIPPED FREAK® formula provides a natural time-released effect, and therefore users will not experience jitters or a “crash” in energy, which is common with many other fat burner products. Instead, RIPPED FREAK® users experience a consistent steady stream of energy and fat burning!


  • SCIENTIFICALLY FORMULATED TO BURN FAT- Pharmafreak RIPPED Freak Hybrid Fat Burner is specially formulated to release stored fat and help you burn fat at an extremely high rate.
  • RELEASES YOUR BODY’S NATURAL FAT BURNERS – Uses an Olive leaf extract to release norepinephrine, epinephrineand uncoupling protein levels. Your body has natural fat-burning characteristics, RIPPED Freak helps release them in high doses.
  • SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN INGREDIENTS – Contains a scientifically selected choice of ingredients delivered in the most effective doses to help your body safely and effectively lose weight fast.
  • NO MORE LONG, BORING DIETS – RIPPED Freak will help to supercharge your diet by helping your body to burn fat around the clock! Now you can diet for less time and get better results.
  • INCREASED ENERGY TO MOTIVATE YOUR WEIGHT LOSS – One of the side effects of dieting can be low energy. When you lower your calorie intake you can become sluggish. RIPPED Freak may drastically increase your energy levels to supercharge your weight loss.


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