CanPrev Nattokinase 60 v-caps

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Natto is a traditional Japanese dish made by fermenting soybeans with a strain of bacteria called Bacillus subtilis. During this fermentation process, an enzyme called nattokinase is produced, and this nutrient has numerous benefits for cardiovascular health. In fact, consumption of natto has been connected to the Japanese population’s longer lifespans and lower chronic disease rate. Studies on individuals with high natto consumption showed that they suffered from less heart troubles. 

CanPrev’s Nattokinase is formulated with NSK-SD®, a proprietary form of nattokinase with the highest potency available, and is backed by over 55 clinical studies. These studies tested its efficacy for cardiovascular support, improving blood flow, and decreasing inflammation. If you’re looking for preventative cardiovascular care, one capsule per day of CanPrev’s Nattokinase can help keep your heart strong and healthy.