Proline Vita Pak Mens

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PROLINE VITA-PACKS™ for MEN is designed to
provide complete nutrition for men. VITA-PACKS™
for MEN is your daily vitamins and nutrients in one
convenient pack that can fit in your pocket.
Each bottle of Vita Packs™ for Men contains:
+ 30 individually sealed packs for your everyday convenience
+ Each pack includes 8 easy to swallow capsules
+ Full Spectrum of Multi-Minerals
+ Omega 3 Essential Fatty Acids
+ Greens Super Food Complex
+ High-Potency Vitamin B Complex
+ Vitamin C Complex with Bioflavonoids
Each bottle of VITA PACK™ contains 30 individually sealed packs
that contain 7 high potency capsules for your everyday convenience.
Each pack contains essential fatty acids, a multivitamin complex,
an antioxidant complex, mineral complex, vitamin E complex and a
fitness complex specially designed for men.